Kathy Lamm


Hi. I’m Kathy Lamm.

I’ve been leading marketing and creative teams as well as managing public relations for the entirety of my career. The thrill comes from inspiring great creative talent, crafting insightful and informed messaging, and the joy of creation itself.

I started my career as a graphic designer and quickly excelled to become an award-winning creative leader. Not only am I adept at all Adobe Creative Suite products – from design to video production to digital mastery –  I am skilled at leading and managing  large creative efforts.

Effective creative direction starts with assembling the right team of talented individuals working together seamlessly to collaborate and create well-planned and exceptionally executed marketing materials. Throughout my career I have been extremely lucky to work with the best companies, creatives and programs that move marketing strategies forward.

Samples of my work can be found below. I am always open to discuss how my skills and talents could be an asset to your team, company and organization.

Strong Creative Marketing Leader


Marketing Strategy
Media Buying
Public Relations


Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design
Video Production
Copy Writing


Executive Leadership
Team Culture
Project Management
Vendor Management
Brand Loyalty

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Great creative direction starts with a good plan, a solid and talented team, and a roadmap for success that leads to reaching goals… putting pen to paper with purpose.


The active process of idea generation, exceeding limiting thought boundaries, while allowing words, images, and context to tell stories never imagined.


Leadership sometimes occurs from behind, sometimes upfront, sometimes side-by-side. A good leader knows exactly where to be when the magic happens.