Innovation is a huge part of the conceptual and creative process. We must challenge ourselves to not only look at the ways we market products and services, but we must look deeper into how we deliver them, what the user experience is with our brand, and how new thought can elevate the brand itself.
Below are some examples of innovative business process and marketing projects I have spearheaded that have resulted in elevated brand identity, increased revenues, and expanded market shares.


Weekly Webinar Series

In March of 2020, (at the onset of the pandemic) I spearheaded the creation of a weekly webinar series for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. launching the organization’s first-ever online events. Immediately, they proved to be successful in hosting on average 125 attendees. As project lead, it required me to pull together various departments to work towards implementation, train speakers and presenters on new technology, and create and develop new relevant and timely programming all while developing a dynamic marketing plan to support the efforts.

We launched a fast churn marketing campaign cycle that included social media, email marketing, Google AdWords, and display network as our core strategy. These quick campaigns were typically executed in less than 10 days for only a few hundred dollars.

Social media ads were run on top of creating organic posts, events, and live posts. We used look-alike campaigns and remarketing with Google and worked to build our email lists through different email acquisition tactics which allowed us to leverage email marketing.

Within 4 months, we generated nearly a half million dollars in revenue, created a new audience of over 7,000 attendees with 93% of them never having attended one of our conferences in the past, and attracted the younger demographic we had been specifically targeting.

This project launched all virtual and hybrid events of the organization, forever changing how programming was offered.

New Subscription Based Membership Model

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. is a membership-based organization. Before my involvement with the organization, they had witnessed a steady decline in membership acquisition for several years. After much review, research, surveys, and focus groups, I developed a new monthly subscription-based membership model. The previous annual model had offered the same benefits for several years, and they had relied on heavy discount incentives to keep their numbers sustainable.

Along with offering new monthly billing options, I began creating member benefits that added value to the total membership offering. We added daily Thought for the Day emails, specific member Monday emails with free content, community engagement, additional social content, and more. The biggest innovation was to create a vast library of programming members who could search a database of thousands of hours of content, from top speakers, as a free member benefit.
The marketing campaign focused primarily on this digital content library and the option to pay for membership month to month.

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