Presented by Goddess Gathering G.L.O.B.A.L.

Co-founded by Kimie Porter and Kathy Lamm

We gather together to co-create our Divine Goddess Selves. We love, support and honor one another through spiritual empowerment, guidance, education and practice. We each offer our gifts in service as a commitment to each other, this group and all women of the world as we strive to achieve a world-wide frequency of love.

The Goddess Gatherings was created to support and expand our spiritual community. It’s a place for sharing ideas, thoughts, gifts, and modalities both inspirational and educational. It is a place to help us expand our spiritual beings and empower the goddess within each of us.

Maureen Fluke

Divine Feminine Representative performing throughout event

Maureen is a Neuro-positive Artistic Life Coach whose background consists of Art, Positive Psychology, and Neuroscience. She is a Neuro Positive licensed Life Coach credited through Applied Neuroscience Institute –Harvard based & (ICF International Coaching Federation) and NLP (Neuro linguistics coach practitioner). Maureen uses guided meditations, breathe work and vibrational sounds to move you through a calming series of artistic exercises. This process allows for the Individual to better explore a deeper awareness & self-exploration in healing using artistic expression of emotions using color.

Maureen is also a Oneness Blessing Giver, an ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek and trained in the energy modality of Soma Pi. She is currently the Art director for Christ the King Parochial School as well as writing and doing music with her husband Brian in the Brightley Road Band.

Rev. Brien Egan

Divine Masculine Representative performing throughout event

Rev. Brien Egan CHt, CRM, CKRM is an author, certified hypnotherapist, reiki master, karuna reiki master, pranic energy worker, crystal bowl sound healer, EFT practitioner, quantum touch practitioner, ho'oponopono practioner, sedona method practitioner, chakra cleansing teacher, qi gong teacher, an ordained minister from the Essene New Life Church and has his B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Special Education. He has been practicing and teaching spirituality for over 16 years.

He has done a lot of work with children, families and individuals by leading workshops, classes and through individual, couples or group sessions. He also designed and ran a kids spirituality summer camp for 11 years which taught children many quantum physics and spiritual concepts, meditation and mindfulness practices.

Joel King

Master of Ceremony

Joel King, MS in Counseling, BA in Theology. Joel was an ordained minister in a Christian church in Canada for several years in the 80's until he began to question traditional male dominated theology. He began to champion women's spiritual gifts and rights through sermons and counseling, and challenged other oppressive and archaic religious doctrines. Pressure from superiors to cease speaking on this path of enlightenment led him to resign from the ministry.

Originally from California, Joel lives in Virginia Beach and works today as a professional actor Joel Nathan King – Actor, Writer, Director • SAG/AFTRA and as a Realtor with Rose and Womble Realty.

Wynne Paris

11:15 – 12:00 Kirtan and 3:33 - 4:44 High Frequency Concert

Wynne Paris is a yoga musician and producer who has been actively involved in Kirtan since 1995, when he was initiated into the practice by Mata Amritananadamayi (Amma, the hugging saint). Since then, he has performed well over 2,000 kirtans across the country in venues ranging from yoga studios and festivals to house concerts, gatherings and ashrams. In 1998, Wynne helped Kirtan pioneer Krishna Das produce the genre defining CD 'Pilgrim Heart', on which he played sarod, guitar and saz.

Wynne mixes Indian and world beat music at his performances, often playing Harmonium, percussion and call and response chanting in addition to guitar. His spiritual teachers include Yogananda and Neem Karoli Baba.

Wynne keeps active in mainstream music too, currently playing in Sunshine Deva, a group he formed with Grateful Dead family guitarist Mark Karan (a lead guitarist who played for Original Grateful Dead members Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart after Jerry Garcia passed away. Wynne is also a producer who has worked on several notable CD's from beloved kirtan artists as well as being a co-founder of the Lovelight Festival, an event he produces with Woodstock producer Michael Lang.

Kevin Todeschi, CEO Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

12:00 -12:15 Edgar Cayce on Cooperation

Kevin J. Todeschi is executive director and CEO of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and Atlantic University ( As both student and teacher of the Cayce material for more than 40 years, he has lectured on countless subjects in front of thousands of individuals upon five different continents.

A prolific writer, he is the author of more than 25 books, including the best-selling Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates, Contemporary Cayce, Edgar Cayce on Auras & Colors (co-author), Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation and Family Karma, Edgar Cayce's Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality and The Best Dream Book Ever. He also authored A.R.E.'s "Dream Interpretation App" and will speak to us on the topic dreams during our live-streamed interview.

Rev. Laura Jackson Loo

12:15 - 12:35 The New Paradigm

Rev. Laura Jackson Loo is a nationally-recognized speaker on Earth Changes, New Paradigm Community, New Paradigm Business, the Evolution of Consciousness and more. She is a speaker, author, consultant, mentor and musician who has been featured in print, and on radio and television. Through her talks – and live flute music she performs – she helps people understand the changing landscape of our times for individuals, business and community.

The tools and techniques that Rev. Laura shares help people recognize opportunities to positively transform their lives and live their soul purpose. Throughout her work she visions the future, leads from the heart, and serves as a bridge from the old paradigm to the new paradigm. Rev. Laura is currently working on her first book on "The New Paradigm" that we are moving into, and how everyone has a divine purpose and a ‘voice’ in this extraordinary new time!

Dr. Shawn Arango Ricks

12:35 –12:55 Ho'oponopono

Dr. Shawn Arango Ricks is an intuitive healer, licensed mental health and addictions counselor, certified Hypnotherapist and life coach in Winston-Salem, NC. She has been a nationally invited speaker and facilitator in the areas of mental health, equity and social justice.

Prior to starting her private practice, Dr. Ricks taught counseling and human services at FTCC, Winton-Salem State University and Old Dominion University. Dr. Ricks has been trained through SAMHSA in Motivational Interviewing, Strengthening Families and Preventing Long Term Anger and Aggression in Youth (PLAAY).

Patty Kypros and Jessica Woods

12:55 – 1:11 Crystal Blessing

Patty Kypros, BCTMB, CST, RTM, is a graduate at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage and has studied the effects and health benefits that Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki Attunements and Shamanic Practices have within specific populations. Patty teaches Mind*Body*Spirit and Healer’s Path courses at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage, she is a Reiki Master Teacher, and presently working on her Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Sciences.

Jessica Woods, working with Violet Flame Reiki is a Grand Master Usui Reiki. Jessica works with Sacred Sounds of Quartz Crystal Bowls among other sound modalities. She utilizes crystals for optimal healing benefits. She is a Lemurian Preistess & ordained Melchizedek Priestess. She works with the elements of Mother Earth aligning to the root of my nature, empowering others to empower themselves, activating others to Higher Consciousness, and the remembrance of their true nature.


1:30–1:50 Poetry: written and preformed by M.E. HART

M.E. Hart, JD., a student of the Cayce readings for over 20 years, received his undergraduate degree in Law from the University of Kentucky. Hart trained in Senior Executive Leadership at Georgetown University and in Life Coaching at the A.R.E., and is certified in Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching. He is the author of Thriver’s Quest: Healing Life’s Traumas to Bring Out Your Best.

He completed the Senior Executive Leadership Certificate Program at Georgetown University and holds a coaching certification from HayGroup. He is also certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and has extensive experience utilizing the Emotional Competence Inventory and many other organizational development instruments. He spent six years as a member of the acting company at Washington’s prestigious Arena Stage. Hart is co-founder of

Ryan Pitt and Neve Grace

2:25 – 2:55 Sacred Electric Dance Meditation

Ryan Pitt of Norfolk Electric Meditators and yoga teacher Neve Grace come together to offer a unique sacred electric dance meditation. Dance and connect to high frequency techno music for an experience like no other.

Ryan has been on his spiritual journey for 7 years now and uses a method of meditation that incorporates listening to electronic music and focusing on specific chakra points. During the event he and Neve will guide the group through a 'moving meditation'. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Neve loves intentional movement, music and community. She has been teaching dance for 9 years and yoga for 8 years. She is currently focused on helping others become their own self-healer through Ayurveda and Yoga.

Anne Ipock Leanzo and Brien Egan

2:55 – 3:25 Gong & Healing Bowls

Anne Leanzo, VSA certified vibrational sound therapy practitioner and certified NATH hypnotist. Anne combines these two modalities to offer powerful group guided meditations that take you to a state of total relaxation, releasing tension and stress using a variety of instruments such as Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, and Anne’s beautiful gong. Anne also offers private sessions, where bowls are placed directly on body and gently struck with a mallet to send vibration through the body.

Sacred Song Celebration and Event Finale!

3:33 - 4:44 High Frequency Concert

A Unifying High Frequency Devotional Kirtan Concert. Join in ToGather with this wonderful musical ensemble of heart-centered visionary musicians in celebration and closing of the 5GConnect Event. ToGather this unique musical offering includes: Wynne Parris, Maureen Nessen Fluke, K.C. Johnson, Lee Holmes, Laura Jackson, and Brien Egan. Co-create in a unifying and inspired choir of chanting, call and response and beautiful song sharing of Healing of Sacred Sound.

In closing of the 5GConnect Event – celebrate, are cleansed and purified in the deep riches of Peace, Unity, Love, and Joyful Celebration! ToGather we shift humanity, transforming fear to compassion and balancing the divine feminine and the divine masculine, raising the vibration of the world to a frequency of LOVE.

Presenting Organizers, Planning Committee and Volunteer Organizers